Camp Descriptions


Skyview, July 20-23; Centennial, July 27-30

During her career, Janet Karvonen was regarded as one of the nation’s premier jump shooters. In her shooting camps, Janet is able to provide offensive instruction that can help players of all ages and abilities. Pure Shooters primarily focuses on correct shooting form and footwork, as well as other offensive concepts and fundamental work. Players will have their shooting form videotaped and individually analyzed by Janet during the week. Each day also includes a variety of fun contests, games, and 3-on-3 games.


Centennial, July 27-30

Minimizing unnecessary turnovers in games begins with solid ball-handling skills. Players at every position should have an ease, comfort and confidence with the ball that comes through individual practice and skill-building. Ultimate Ball-handling features a variety of ball-handling and passing drills that will contribute to your overall effectiveness on the court. Includes weak-hand work, two-ball and partner drills, tennis balls, cones, instruction on higher level dribble moves and fun ball-handling games and contests. Most importantly, our campers will leave with improved ball-handling skills and the knowledge of how to continue improving them on their own!


Pair two of our programs at a single location and get a price discount. A great way to improve two parts of your games this summer!